What is being Offered FREE

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“Insane Feature” They will Actually Sell the Products for You (FREE of Charge)

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Why is It Being Offered FREE?

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What is ClickBank ID ?

If you do not have a ClickBank ID or ‘Nickname’ click here

In order to get Paid, you have to enter your ClickBank ID (or Nickname) when you set up your FREE Weight Loss site.

Your ClickBank ID is called a ‘nickname’.  The ‘nickname’ is for ClickBank and you need this so that you can get paid.

If you do not have a ClickBank ‘nickname’; it is easy to get one.


If you do not have a ClickBank ID or ‘Nickname’ click here


ClickBank is a Service that has thousands of digital products that sell ‘like hotcakes’.  Your FREE Weight Loss site has the best ClickBank digital Weight Loss products. 

You need to get a ClickBank ID or ‘nickname’ so ClickBank can ‘track’ your sales and pay you your commission when you sell a Weight Loss product. 

Just go to this link https://accounts.clickbank.com/signup/

It’s Easy—takes only a few minutes

If you have problems send a support email to support@toyourhealth.co

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